How to Organizer for Notes from PAPER

For a student, it becomes impossible to keep their notes organized and keep track of all of them. One simply can’t type everything and save it digitally and the fastest way to make notes is by writing them yourself. So what can we do to make sure that not only the notes are not ‘lost’ and are easily located whenever one needs them, but also how to keep them organized and subject separated? Thankfully, organizing notes using papers is easy!


How to Keep Notes in Order and Organizer them Using Paper?

No rocket science there, you can use about two to three different strategies to keep notes organized and separated using papers that you must already have. First method is, take different colored computer papers. They are available in different Paper Packaging but most students already have them for several projects. Take few colors and begin the work. On the lower part of the paper, draw a horizontal line only half an inch away from the edge of paper, or simply fold the paper from there to create a crease. Now with the help of paper cutter or scissors, cut this thin strip out. Suppose you took a red paper, so now you have a red paper with a red strip cut out. We are assuming that your notes are all A4 size which is why we need the width of the red paper intact. Repeat the process of cutting a strip out with the rest of the colors until each one of the paper has a strip.

Now, take the strip and cut 2 inches of it apart. Stick that tiny strip on the side of the red paper so if you put another A4 sheet on top of it, you will have the red part sticking out. This part is where you mention the subject. Do it with the rest of the strips and create separators. Punch holes in your A4 size notes, separate them subject wise and organize them. Now the organizer separators have subject names written, insert one pile of notes from a subject in a box file, then insert its organizer/separator and repeat until all subjects are done.

Strategy 2!

The first method is definitely more on the simple side, some may not find it appropriate since all the notes are filed up and it makes it a whole lot bulkier. Also, you don’t necessarily have notes that size and you might keep smaller notes as they are far more convenient. You can use this second method to make notes organizers for tiny notes that you can pick up later and get back to whenever needed.

This needs paperboard packaging or cardboard paper or sheets. Take a flat paperboard about 18” x 12”. Take another paper board of the same size and cut out strips from it of about the same length (18 inches) and 4” width. Create walls on the flat paperboard with the strips around it, stick them with hot glue. Make sure they are completely stuck when you move on with the process. Once the walls are stuck and are dry, create a partition in the middle with more strips and divide the long sections of the two parts of the box with horizontal smaller paperboard cuttings. You now have a structure of the notes organizer. Be sure to secure it completely with hot glue before you paint the box. Lastly, spray paint it or use it as it is, put subject tags on each section. Now as soon as you are done making notes you can put them in their designated box and enjoy the organized work station. You don’t require any efforts to keep and find notes whenever you need them from this box and they are visible, their subjects are labeled and they are completely organized for your ease.

How to Make a Popcorn Box for Your Brand

Making popcorn boxes for your brand can be quite a task with so many popcorn brands available. It is not just making the popcorn box that is difficult; you need to be sure that it stands out and it is different and that it just doesn’t look like yet another popcorn brand on the racks. It should instantly attract your customers and bring new people to try them out. For this, design should be attractive and practical even if it is black and white popcorn boxes with no other colors on the pack.


Designing and Making Popcorn Boxes for your Brand

Making custom popcorn boxes will be a challenge but nothing impossible, you just need to be on the right track for making them and you will be a hit overnight. There must be two reasons for making these popcorn boxes, one is that you are an existing brand that wants to revamp the packaging of your popcorn boxes and second is that you are a new popcorn brand and you are looking into popcorn packaging ideas and design, whatever your reason is, read on to find out!


1. Choose your Consumer/Target Buyer

Your first step after determining the type of product you are selling is to choose and target the audience. If your popcorns are something like a ready to eat food, you will get more of the younger people buying your popcorns, if you are going for the other type, you will have all sorts of buyers and consumers which mean that the packaging will be made according to the taste of everyone. The custom popcorn boxes will then be made and designed in such a way that no matter what age, as soon as someone enters a store looking for popcorns, they look at yours the first thing and grab them.


2. Work on the Budget

Of course you need a budget for pop corn boxes manufacturing. Find out how much you are willing to spend without compromising on the quality of the snack because it is food and no compromises there. Spend without compromising on the quality of the snack packaging because it is food and no compromises there. You can get a lot of things in a very good price such as popcorn boxes templates.


3. Explore Material Options

The nature and the type of popcorn you are selling, you will be presented with several options for their packaging depending on whether they are cooked or ready to cook. Whatever your budget is, a professional packaging company can find you great solutions and plenty of material options. You will have to finalize the material according to the geographical location, liking of the consumer and budget, and then finalize popcorn boxes templates.

4. What does the Competition Look Like?

It is very important to be aware of what the competitors do and what sort of competition you are looking at. Custom popcorn boxes can be made in many creative designs and many ways once you figure out about the existing brands and what they are doing in terms of packaging.


5. How to be Different

Once you have a thorough idea about the competition, you will understand what needs to be done to stay ahead of the other popcorn sellers, what is it that’s missing and what it is that the consumer wants. Custom Popcorn Boxes will help you make assorted popcorn boxes, popcorn boxes with box office hits and games and interesting stuff and great ideas for new age and innovative popcorn packaging.

Dozen Purple Cupcake Boxes

While planning for a party at your place, you will have to make a lot of arrangements. It totally depends on you that how would you like to entertain your guests. Food menu may contain variety of food items and for that you have to find the appropriate way to serve the food accordingly. For instance, cooked food as well as drinks may be served right there and then. Some of the items may be packed and presented to the guests to take with them. These could be bakery items to be wrapped in the cupcake boxes. Cupcakes are liked very much to be presented on such kinds of parties to the guests. Surely you will like this idea to present the cupcakes packed in Dozen Purple Cupcake Boxes. Definitely you can make your guests feel special by presenting the cupcakes packed in such a nice cupcake boxes. There are several other ideas that can be applied to fascinate the cupcake boxes. You can make an arrangement of special Dozen Purple Cupcake Boxes for the special guests. You may wrap the box with beautiful ribbon and paste a message on lid of the box for the receiver.



You might have concerns regarding the construction of the Dozen Purple Cupcake Boxes. You must be aware of the fact that it has been made of heavy and thick paper to enhance its strength. On the top of the box there is a window which is pretty clear to have a glance of fresh cupcake or food. The window is made up of cellophane and it is used because of its low permeability of microorganisms such as bacteria. It has been designed to maintain its shape even if it is empty. When it is filled with a cupcake, it needs a little care while handling it. Dozen Purple Cupcake Boxes are recommended to be used for treats, presents, favors and birthday parties.


Going through the reviews of the customers for these Cupcake Boxes, will help you decide whether to purchase these boxes are not. Once you will read the comments and reviews of the users of Dozen Purple Cupcake Boxes, you will realize that people really love to have these cupcake boxes because of their various significant features. Assembly of these boxes is more than easy so you would not have any trouble to assemble them. You may find that there are some of the reviewers who really liked these boxes but have been complaining that these boxes are not good to maintain their shapes when they are filled with the cakes. These complaints are not really usual from the users. There is no doubt that these boxes are made up of best material. If the boxes don’t maintain their shape, it means you have filled them with the stuff exceeding their capacity. In this case, you are advised to handle the box carefully. You can place your hand underneath the box to give support to the bottom. This is only what you can do while putting stuff in the box more than its capacity.


Wedding Favor Tins And Boxes For Popcorn, Candy

Wedding favor tins and boxes are a great way to hold mints, chocolate, and other candy treats.

Wedding favor tins are becoming a new favorite for wedding reception keepsakes. It’s customary to give small gifts to thank your guests for sharing in your special day.  The practice of giving favors at weddings is believed to have begun at European weddings. In those days, only the nobles observed this practice and typically gave small, fragile boxes containing something sweet. This was due to the preciousness of sugar in generally. Sugar was so costly it was symbolic of wealth itself, so to give someone candy or even just cubes of sugar was a valuable gift indeed. As sugar became less expensive, common people began to adopt this generous practice of gratitude for their guests as well. In the thirteenth century, almonds were coated with sugar and handed out as a wedding favor. The symbolism behind this confection was the bittersweetness of marriage. (The almonds are the bitterness and the sugar coating, the sweetness.)


Lasting Value Of A Tin

Wedding favor tins are a nice way to continue this practice. You can still fill the tin with a confection. Once the sugary treat has been savored, the tin is a perpetual reminder of your union together. Tins can be decorated in the style of your theme, colors, or even with your initials or the date of your wedding. Many couples have a photo of themselves embossed on the tin. Tins come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Tins containing mints are popular and can be personalized as well.

Prices, Sizes And Other Choices

Wedding favor tins vary tremendously in price and size and can be purchased from a variety of online vendors. If you plan to personalize your tins, you’ll want to order them early to ensure timely delivery. If you’re using a wedding coordinator or planner, be sure to check whether wedding favor tins falls under their job description. Many planners include the favors as part of their service.


Where To Buy

Shopping for wedding favor tins? There are literally hundreds of styles, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. There are heart-shaped tins, round, square, rectangle, and ovals. Try

  • My Wedding Favors
  • FavorFavor
  • Beau-Coup
  •  With This Favor
  •  Favors and Flowers

You’ll also want to check out vendors that carry all types of wedding accoutrement such as American BridalExclusively WeddingsDavid’s Bridal and American WeddingsHershey’s even carries some tins filled with Hershey’s chocolate. Discount retailers such as Wal-mart and Target also carry wedding favor tins online. An Amazon search will yield numerous vendors carrying wedding favor tins, Black and White Popcorn Boxes and Candy as well. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby offer wedding favor tins through their websites. A surprising vendor for wedding favor tins is Oriental Trading Company. They offer a wide assortment of tins as well as personalization. Their tins come in an assortment of colors and some have cutesy sayings on them as well such as, “Mint to be.” Oriental Trading Company offers free shipping on all orders over $49. Wedding favor tins with clear tops can be found at SKS Bottle Company.