Wedding Favor Tins And Boxes For Popcorn, Candy

Wedding favor tins and boxes are a great way to hold mints, chocolate, and other candy treats.

Wedding favor tins are becoming a new favorite for wedding reception keepsakes. It’s customary to give small gifts to thank your guests for sharing in your special day.  The practice of giving favors at weddings is believed to have begun at European weddings. In those days, only the nobles observed this practice and typically gave small, fragile boxes containing something sweet. This was due to the preciousness of sugar in generally. Sugar was so costly it was symbolic of wealth itself, so to give someone candy or even just cubes of sugar was a valuable gift indeed. As sugar became less expensive, common people began to adopt this generous practice of gratitude for their guests as well. In the thirteenth century, almonds were coated with sugar and handed out as a wedding favor. The symbolism behind this confection was the bittersweetness of marriage. (The almonds are the bitterness and the sugar coating, the sweetness.)


Lasting Value Of A Tin

Wedding favor tins are a nice way to continue this practice. You can still fill the tin with a confection. Once the sugary treat has been savored, the tin is a perpetual reminder of your union together. Tins can be decorated in the style of your theme, colors, or even with your initials or the date of your wedding. Many couples have a photo of themselves embossed on the tin. Tins come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Tins containing mints are popular and can be personalized as well.

Prices, Sizes And Other Choices

Wedding favor tins vary tremendously in price and size and can be purchased from a variety of online vendors. If you plan to personalize your tins, you’ll want to order them early to ensure timely delivery. If you’re using a wedding coordinator or planner, be sure to check whether wedding favor tins falls under their job description. Many planners include the favors as part of their service.


Where To Buy

Shopping for wedding favor tins? There are literally hundreds of styles, colors, shapes and sizes to choose from. There are heart-shaped tins, round, square, rectangle, and ovals. Try

  • My Wedding Favors
  • FavorFavor
  • Beau-Coup
  •  With This Favor
  •  Favors and Flowers

You’ll also want to check out vendors that carry all types of wedding accoutrement such as American BridalExclusively WeddingsDavid’s Bridal and American WeddingsHershey’s even carries some tins filled with Hershey’s chocolate. Discount retailers such as Wal-mart and Target also carry wedding favor tins online. An Amazon search will yield numerous vendors carrying wedding favor tins, Black and White Popcorn Boxes and Candy as well. Michael’s and Hobby Lobby offer wedding favor tins through their websites. A surprising vendor for wedding favor tins is Oriental Trading Company. They offer a wide assortment of tins as well as personalization. Their tins come in an assortment of colors and some have cutesy sayings on them as well such as, “Mint to be.” Oriental Trading Company offers free shipping on all orders over $49. Wedding favor tins with clear tops can be found at SKS Bottle Company.